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Please carefully read terms and conditions before using our software, and the Services provided by access and/or use of our website as mentioned below.
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When you are using Copy Trading, parameters such as margin, leverage, size, profit and stop loss will be set in accordance with the parameters set by the Copied Trader. When using Copy Trading, you must understand and agree to some of the key points:
  • We are not liable for any loss occurred due to our software in any situation.
  • We are not responsible if anyone does manipulate any instruments price.
  • Copy Trading is not an investment recommendation, investment advice or any kind of other financial advice. You should use Copy Trading as a tool for your own independent market research and not make decisions based on the Copied Trader.
  • We believe that our software runs smoothly 24*7 however you understand our software runs on a server and which can be also down so we do not guarantee of software up for a 24*7.
  • Our software copy order from same broker and from one broker to another broker if sometimes anything does not work, we are not responsible for same but we are updating our software regularly for better performance.
  • We do not recommend any manipulation and re-construction of this software, this is illegal and strict action taken by ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd under The Copyright Act, 1957.
  • Our software name and design are registered under copyright Act in case of any re-construction, legal action will be taken by ComBiz Services Pvt Ltd.
  • Saturday & Sunday is decided for software maintenance so there are chances software and website is not working on Saturday and Sunday.
  • You are responsible for all Copy Trades executed on account.
  • We are not responsible or liable or in any system failures which may affect Copy Trading.