Unlock TradingView's Copy Trading: A Path to Financial Success

Investors looking to maximize their profits and optimize their strategies have taken notice of a novel phenomenon that has emerged in the always-changing kingdom of trading. This innovation, known as copy trading, redefines the landscape of financial markets. We will dive into the complex world of copy trading in this extensive guide, elucidating its workings, highlighting its advantages, illuminating the platforms and tools that make it possible, and highlighting why TradingView is the best platform for copy trading.

What is copy trading?

At the heart of copy trading lies a transformative concept that empowers individuals to replicate the trading activities of master account traders or connected platforms as master accounts, also known as 'signal providers.' It's a revolutionary strategy that offers novices and experts alike a unique gateway to success.

How does copy trading work?

It is essential to understand how copy trading works internally. Imagine that Trader A, the master account, makes a trade. This will help you understand how copy trading operates. Through the use of APIs, the copy trading platform replicates this trade for Trader B (Child Account), who is copying Trader A (Master Account), in real-time. This makes for a smooth and automated trading experience since Trader B's portfolio reflects Trader A's investments and activities.

Benefits of Copy Trading

  • Access to Expertise: Novice traders gain access to the expertise of successful traders without acquiring extensive skills.

  • Time-saving: Copy trading saves time for busy individuals and those lacking market analysis expertise.

  • Diversification: Investors spread investments across multiple traders and strategies, reducing risk and enhancing returns.

  • Transparency: Platforms provide detailed trader performance data for informed decisions.

  • Low Minimum Investment: Accessibility for individuals with smaller budgets

  • No Emotional Trading: Eliminates harmful emotional trading decisions.

  • Flexibility: Investors choose traders, investment amounts, and copying frequency, adjusting strategies at will.

  • Efficiency: Automatic trade replication saves time and effort, offering real-time data and risk management tools.

Copy Trading Platforms and Tools

With the correct platforms and tools, copy trading can be profitable from the start. There are many companies available in the market that provide copy trading platforms to start copy trading. Combiz Services Private Limited is also a copy trading platform provider in India. Combiz Services provides advanced and feature-rich copy trading software that is also compatible with third-party trading platforms like TradingView, MT4, MT5, Amibroker, etc. Combiz copy trading software provides multiple choices for choosing a stock broker. 

Benefits of Copy Trading on TradingView

TradingView, a popular platform among copy trading devotees, is widely recognized for its exceptional charting capabilities. Traders can integrate TradingView with copy trading software and take advantage of charting capabilities for copy trading. Copy trading TradingView integration can be helpful for traders to implement their trading strategies according to their financial goals.

Setting up Your Copy Trading with TradingView

For setting up copy trading with TradingView, you first need a copy trading account and software from Combiz Services Private Limited. Then get the session ID and alert key from TradingView and choose your trading strategy.


This guide unravels the transformative potential of copy trading. It serves as an eye-opener for traders, whether they are novices embarking on their trading journey or seasoned investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. With TradingView's copy trading, a realm of opportunity awaits, where financial success is within reach for those who dare to venture into the world of copy trading.