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Copy Trading description

Copy Trading is popular with traders who have lack of expertise in a specific market and those who have limited time to do trading. Copy Trading is a branch of social trading, where one trader’s positions are copied by another trader’s account when they are opened or closed. Futures copy trading refers to the potential advancements and developments in technology and user experience that may shape the way people engage in copying the trades of successful traders,

In copy trading, the only research you need to do is to find a profitable copy trading signal provider on a copy trading platform. Most platforms offer a simple way to filter through the trading results of experienced traders, making it easy to find the best fits trading style. futures trade copier is a tool that allows traders to copy futures trades from one account to another, in real-time, without having to manually enter the trades.

Copy trading stocks India

Copy trading is very beneficial for the traders who are not that much confident to place trade in stock market. Copy trading will allow you to receive automated signal from a signal provider and copy them into your account while you are sleeping, eating, walking or working.

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd is one of the best copy trading service providers in India. This trading company offers algo trading tools and software required for trading in different financial segments. Traders choose trading segments according to their funds.

Copy Trading Gold is beneficial for those investors who have high fund investing and are trading in forex market. Trading can be done through manually or with the help of automated trading facility provided by Combiz Services Pvt Ltd in which you will receive trading signals so that you place every type of trade such as open position, close position etc.

How to get free demo for copy trading live?

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd offers you the free demo trail for copy trading for 2-3 days. If you are looking for free copy trading demo, click here to contact.

Features of Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading:

• Users can copy the exact trade form the account of expert trades.
• Trades can be copied in multiple accounts.
• Your trades can get copied even when you are not available. This makes it suitable for part time traders as well.
• It works on various segments such as stocks, commodities, currency, foreign exchange etc.

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading Price:

There are various plans available depending upon the number of account or license you are willing to operate. You can choose as per your choice.






No. of License











1 Month

2 Months

4 Months

6 Months


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Free API


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