Is Copy Trading Legal in India

A common question people have in their mind, is copy trading is legal or illegal in India? Or can you do copy trading without running into any legal problems? In this article, you will learn more about the legality of copy trading in India.

What is copy Trading?

Copy Trading is the method in which trading signals are copied from one trading account to another trading account by authorising them using APIs. It is one the easiest and most successful ways to get a regular stream of income form financial markets without investing a lot of time or effort in analysing the financial market. mirror trading platform some diffrences in copy trading and Social trader tools signals help to make customized trading software. A Trading signals are predictions that represent what to trade, the price point to start a position. 

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) state that a person cannot give financial advice or guidance to another excepting Registered Analysts (RA) or Registered Investors Advisers (RIA). Now you must be wondering, is copy trading illegal in India? Yes, copy trading is legal in India.

Features of Copy Trading

The features of the copy trading are as follows.
• Ease of Use: Although a user-friendly design is a matter of personal preference. Traders can easily understand and use the copy trading.

Reliability: This is the most important feature of the copy trading for its clients. Reliability of the system since every single customer wants their software to run smoothly without any failure.

• Customer Support and Communication: Both the Broker and system provider must assist to all their customers. When you successfully paid the amount, make sure that the copy trading platform cares about you, no matter your account size.

• Security and protection of capital: In order to make each transaction as effective and safe as possible, you should be confident about the methods as well as techniques they employ. The main advantage of this is that you may test different trading strategies without using your money

Additional Features

• Account Manager- We offer you to manage MT4/5, No specialized software, complex setups or VPS servers are necessary.

• Trade copier- Copying trade is one the primary of every copy trading software. Speed provided by every solution has unique parameter.

• Signal Provider- Through a signal webpage, you can use trading tools that are provided by leading traders. Every solid software includes all features that traders need for successful trading.

Copy trading how to start

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd is the popular copy trading service provider across India. They offer you copy trading facility across different segments like futures, options, cash, commodity etc.

Features of Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading

• Users can copy the exact trade form the account of expert trades.
• Trades can be copied in multiple accounts.
• Your trades can get copied even when you are not available. This makes it suitable for part time traders as well.
• It works on various segments such as stocks, commodities, currency, foreign exchange etc.

• Copy trading stocks is a popular way for beginner investors to gain exposure to the stock market by automatically replicating the trades of experienced traders. future and options copy trading facility is also available in copy trading options software.

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