Copy Trading Companies

The idea of copy trading: use technology to copy the real-time trades of live experienced traders in your demat accounts by using APIs. Copy Trading is a legitimate way to make money by copying a successful trader’s trades to make money yourself.

Copy trading guide

There are few simple steps that you need to follow for doing copy trading India are given below.

1. The first step of copy trading is to open your account on reliable trading platform or
broker e.g., Alice Blue , UpstoxFyresAngel Broking  etc.

There are different standards for selecting the right trader to follow, choose broker which fulfil your all trading needs. is partnered with almost every Indian broker, now after opening a demat account copy your trades into other demat account.

2. The second step is to decide how much amount you can invest in trading, how much financial risk you can take. Start with a small percentage of income, do not pour your all money at one time only.

3. Once your account is active, you will see a list of signal providers along with their stats of functions. This usually includes P&L, and risk profile according to your financial risk.

Copy trading companies

If you are looking for Copy Trading Investing then you must choose one of the best copy trading service providers in India. Combiz Services Pvt Ltd is a well-known company which provide copy trading services to its clients in India.

Copy Trading can be done manually or with the help of automated or algo copy trading trading facility provided by Combiz Services Pvt Ltd in which you will receive trading signals so that you can place a trade and every type of trade such open position, close position etc.  Combiz Services Private Limted allows you to link different broker’s accounts with the master and child account by using APIs.

They provide free copy trading demo for its clients for two trading accounts only.

Copy Trading Sites

For copy trading free demo, click here.

Advantages of Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading:

• Users can copy the exact trade form the account of expert trades.
• Trades can be copied in multiple accounts.
• Your trades can get copied even when you are not available. Thus, it makes it suitable for part time traders as well.
• It works on various segments such as stocks, commodities, currency, foreign exchange etc.
• Users can copy trades to multiple Indian brokers at a time using API.

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading Price:

There are various plans available depending upon the number of account or license you are willing to operate. You can choose as per your choice.






No. of License











1 Month

2 Months

4 Months

6 Months


Free API

Free API

Free API

Free API


Free Setup

Free Setup

Free Setup

Free Setup


Buy Now

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