Copy Trading vs Manual Trading Which is Better for Newbie Traders

Copy trading is a popular method for newbie traders to enter the world of trading without extensive knowledge or experience. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits and drawbacks of copy trading compared to manual trading and provide tips for getting started with this strategy.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a form of trading where a trader copies the trades of another trader. The copied trades are executed automatically in the trader's account, based on the settings they have chosen. This allows newbie traders to benefit from the expertise of more experienced traders without having to make their own trading decisions. Copy trading platforms typically allow traders to choose from a range of traders to copy based on their performance and trading style.

The Pros of Copy Trading

Copy trading offers several advantages that make it an engaging option for newbie traders. Firstly, it provides a valuable learning opportunity, as beginners can observe and learn from successful traders in real-time. Additionally, copy trading eliminates the need for new traders to make complex trading decisions, making it a more convenient and stress-free approach. Moreover, there is a potential for higher returns by following the strategies of experienced traders.

What is manual trading?

Manual trading, on the other hand, involves executing trades based on a trader's independent analysis and decision-making. While this approach requires more effort and time for research and analysis, it offers greater control and customization of trading strategies. Manual trading allows traders to adapt their strategies to market conditions and make adjustments based on their own insights and preferences. If executed correctly, manual trading has the potential for higher returns.

Which Approach is Better for Newbies?

For newbies, copy trading offers a simpler and more passive approach. By following the trades of experienced traders, beginners can ease into the trading world without extensive knowledge or experience. Copy trading reduces the risk for new traders, but it may also limit the potential for high returns compared to manual trading. On the other hand, manual trading demands more time and effort for research and analysis.

How can newbie traders do copy trading?

If any newbie or beginner traders want to do copy trading, then they need copy trading software or a copy trading platform. In India, many companies or organizations that provide copy trading software offer it at very high prices with many types of hidden charges. In these companies, Combize Services is the best copy trading software provider that offers it at very affordable prices without any hidden charges.


Ultimately, the decision between copy trading and manual trading comes down to personal preference and trading goals. Copy trading offers a simpler and less time-consuming approach for new traders. Manual trading requires more effort and research but can lead to higher returns if done correctly.

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