Zerodha Copy Trade with Combiz Copy Trading Software

Copy trading, in its essence, involves replicating the trading activities from one account to multiple accounts. It also enables investors to mirror the strategies and decisions of experienced traders, eliminating the need for in-depth market knowledge. Copy trading offers several benefits, including accessibility, diversification, and time-saving. It also provides a unique learning experience for beginners. In the context of Zerodha, this article will explore how Combiz Copy Trading Software enhances this process.

Combiz Copy Trading Software Overview

Combiz copy trading software offers many features and trading tool integration. Through Combiz Copy Trading software, you can do copy trading in multiple segments of the stock market. You can do copy trading with the same broker, and the Combiz copy trading software also supports cross-broker copy trading as well. Combiz copy trading allows for placing different types of orders, such as intraday orders, market orders, limit orders, etc.

Key Features of Combiz Copy Trading Software

1. User-Friendly Interface: Combiz Services' software provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy for traders of all levels to navigate and utilize its features. With a clear and intuitive layout, users can effortlessly access the tools they need to begin copy trading.

2. Robust Trade Copier: One of the standout features of Combiz Services' software is its powerful trade copier functionality. This function allows users to automatically replicate trades from their chosen or added master traders' accounts directly into their trading accounts. With this feature, investors can seamlessly mirror the strategies of successful traders without manual intervention.

3. Customization Options: Combiz Services' software offers a range of customization options to suit individual preferences and risk appetites. Users can set parameters such as trade size, stop-loss levels, and take-profit targets, providing them with control over their copy trading activities.

4. Risk Management Tools: To ensure a secure and controlled trading environment, Combiz Services' software can be combined with robust risk management tools. These features enable users to set maximum drawdown limits and apply risk management strategies that align with their investment goals.

5. Integration with Other Trading Platforms: Combiz Services copy trading software can be integrated with other trading platforms, including TradingView, MT4, MT5, etc. This feature allows software integration with the trading strategies of traders.

6. Lifetime Support: The Combiz Copy Trading Platforms provide lifetime support to their customers. They assist in resolving any queries and issues related to copy trading software.

Requirements for Zerodha Copy Trading

You need to have a Zerodha demat account in order to conduct a Zerodh copy trade. Open your Zerodha Demat account first if you do not already have one.

1. Demat account

2. Copy Trading Software

The Integration with Zerodha

Zerodha's integration with Combiz Copy Trading Software opens a world of possibilities for investors. You get a seamless experience by connecting your Zerodha account with Combiz copy trading software, facilitating an effortless transition into the world of copy trading.

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Zerodha Copy Trading Charges

Generally, Zerodha does not charge any fee for copy trading, but you need to pay software subscription charges. Apart from that, if you want to use the Zerodha account as a master account, then you need to pay Zerodha API charges. For child accounts, the Zerodh API is free, but sometimes you may need to pay for both the Zerodh Master Account API and the child account API.

Combiz Copy Trading Software Subscription

Combiz offers a subscription model. Contact Combiz Services Private Limited for more details. We explained below in detail the pricing and costs associated with using this platform:

No. of License1050100
SetupFree SetupFree SetupFree Setup
Buy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Combiz and Zerodha Security Measures

Both Combiz and Zerodha have implemented security measures to protect their users. In addition to platform-specific security, there are general best practices for safe trading. We'll offer guidance on how to maintain a safe and secure trading experience.


The Indian market is set to witness a notable expansion in copy trading. We'll share our insights into the future of copy trading and its potential impact on Indian investors. The world of investing is evolving, and copy trading is at the forefront of this transformation. We'll conclude by reiterating that your path to smarter investing begins with knowledge, diligence, and the right partners.