Supported Order in Combiz Services Copy Trading Software

Copy trading has emerged as a popular strategy that allows traders to replicate the trades of experienced traders in real-time. This innovative approach has gained significant traction in the financial market, attracting both novice and seasoned investors. One of the key aspects that contribute to the success of copy trading is the availability of various order types. In this article, we will explore the supported order types in Copy Trading using Combiz Services Copy Trading Software, a leading platform in the industry. By understanding the different order types, investors can effectively manage their investment portfolios and make informed decisions.

Market Order: Market orders represent the most basic type of order and are executed at the current market price. When a copy trader chooses to emulate a market order, the trade is placed instantly at the prevailing market rate. This order type is ideal for those seeking immediate execution, particularly in highly liquid markets where price fluctuations are minimal. Market orders offer swiftness and certainty, making them a fundamental feature in Combiz Services Copy Trading Software.

Limit Order: A limit order is another order type supported by Combiz Services Copy Trading Software. Unlike a market order, a limit order allows investors to set a specific price at which they are willing to buy or sell a financial instrument. Once the market reaches the specified price, the copy trading software will execute the trade automatically. This order type provides investors with more control over the execution price, ensuring that they can enter or exit positions at their desired levels. However, it's important to consider that limit orders may not be executed if the market doesn't reach the specified price.

Stop Loss Order: Stop-loss orders are designed to minimize potential losses in copy trading. By setting a stop price, copy traders can protect their positions by triggering an order when the market moves unfavorably. When the market reaches the stop price, the stop order is executed as a market order, closing the position at the best available price. Stop orders are a crucial risk management tool and play a vital role in safeguarding copy traders' capital in the face of adverse market movements.

Cover Order: A cover order is a unique order type that combines a market order with a stop-loss order. It allows traders to place simultaneous buy or sell orders with a pre-defined stop loss level. Cover orders provide traders with the advantage of defining their risk in advance while ensuring quick execution. Combiz Services Copy Trading Software supports cover orders, enabling traders to capitalize on market opportunities while managing their risk effectively.

Bracket Order: Similar to cover orders, bracket orders are a powerful risk management tool. They consist of three components: a market order, a take profit order, and a stop loss order. Traders can set their profit target and stop loss levels when entering a position, automatically closing the trade when either level is reached. Bracket orders help traders lock in profits and limit losses, providing a structured approach to copy trading. Combiz Services Copy Trading Software empowers traders with bracket order functionality, enabling them to automate their profit-taking and stop-loss strategies.

Intraday Order: Intraday orders cater specifically to traders who engage in short-term trading strategies, seeking to capitalize on intraday price movements. These orders are valid only for the trading session, expiring at the end of the day. Combiz Services Copy Trading Software supports intraday orders, allowing traders to execute their short-term trading plans efficiently and effectively.

Delivery Order: Delivery orders are relevant for traders who prefer to hold positions for a more extended period, typically beyond the trading session. With Combiz Services Copy Trading Software, traders can place delivery orders, facilitating the seamless transition from short-term to long-term positions. This order type offers flexibility and convenience for traders with a long-term investment horizon.


Combiz Services best copy trading platform in India provides an impressive range of supported order types that cater to the diverse needs of copy traders. Whether you're seeking instant execution, optimal entry points, robust risk management, or a hands-off profit-taking approach, the various order types offered by Combiz Services best copy trading platform in India empower you to replicate trading strategies with finesse and ease. By understanding the functionalities of each order type and strategically utilizing them, copy traders can take full advantage of this cutting-edge platform to achieve their financial goals in the world of trading. This article mentioned basic types and popular orders in trading placed by traders, apart from it also, Combize Services copy trading software supports many advanced order orders like iceberg orders, GTT orders, etc.

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