What is Excel Automated Trading System

We are working as a leading investment and trading services provider comes with the responsibility of staying at the forefront of innovation and offering clients industry-leading solutions. Many traders and investors find Excel to be a useful tool in their day-to-day trading activities, as it offers a flexible and customizable platform for data analysis and decision-making. The use of Excel-based trading can range from simple spreadsheets with basic calculations to complex financial models that incorporate advanced mathematical algorithms and real-time market data.

We will develop your trading system by using suitable APIs of the supported brokers. One of the excellent features of excel-based trading, which allows you to stream Live Feed directly on an Excel sheet. You can now customize your trades by selecting your watchlist. Along with this facility, we have taken another step in our commitment to ensuring ease of market access and informed investing for our clients.

If you’re an active trader, we believe this feature will be useful for you to apply your custom formulae and analyses the desired outcome, based on the conditions met by the formulae. It provides facility to view your live feeds of selected watchlist in an excel sheet.

How to create an automated excel based trading system?

1. Open an account with one of the supported interactive brokers.
2. Download and install the interactive brokers excel API.
3. Making trading decisions: Based on the analysis of the market data, you can make informed trading decisions in Excel. For example, you can buy or sell securities based on pre-determined criteria, such as when a stock price reaches a certain level.
4. Create and test your trading formulas and share with us your trading plans via WhatsApp or call.
5. We will build your automation system of buy and sell according to your rules.
6. We will build time rules to manage the market open, the market close, and any other time of day criteria you have shared with us.
7. Once your automated trading system is running smoothly and is profitable, move it to real money.
8. Increase your position size the more it wins and decrease if it gets losses.

List of Supported Indian Brokers

To check the list of supported Indian broker click here

How Excel Based trading system works?

Placing order by using Excel includes some of the following simple steps:
1.Go to search button to search stock in which you want to place trade and also set lot size and expiry date.

2.Set target and stoploss and order type for trading. You can also place basket orders across multiple accounts by clicking on place basket orders button.

3.Click on Exit Trade button to exit your trades.

How to contact us?

We will develop excel based trading system and strategies for you according to your trading plans and formulae shared with us.
You can contact us via phone no: 9738000707 and email id: connect@combiz.org