Copy Trading Simplified with XTS API

Copy trading has revolutionized the way investors and traders participate in financial markets. Allowing individuals to automatically replicate the trading strategies of experienced traders from one account to multiple accounts, copy trading opens doors to potential profit for both beginners and experts. Among the tools that have made copy trading simpler and more efficient is the XTS API. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how the XTS API simplifies the copy trading process and offers valuable insights into maximizing your investment potential.

Definition of Copy Trading

Copy trading, also known as copier trading or mirror trading, is a method that allows investors to replicate the trading decisions and strategies of traders from one account to other accounts. It is an innovative approach that democratizes financial markets, making them accessible to a broader range of investors.

Importance of API for Copy Trading

The API plays a pivotal role in streamlining copy trading operations. It enhances the connectivity between traders and brokers, facilitating efficient replication of trading strategies.

What is XTS API?

The XTS API is a REST-based trading API that acts as a bridge between traders and the market. XTS API is offered by Symphony Fintech, so it is also known as Symphony API. It provides a set of tools and protocols for executing trades, accessing market data, and managing trading accounts.

How XTS API Works

The XTS API provides real-time market data, executes trading orders swiftly, and integrates seamlessly with various brokerage platforms. With the ability to support custom trading algorithms and automated trading, the XTS API empowers traders to execute their strategies efficiently. It also offers robust risk management features, including stop-loss and take-profit orders, while maintaining a secure and privacy-focused trading environment. This makes the XTS API a valuable tool for traders seeking to engage in copy trading and algorithmic trading, simplifying the complex process of participating in the financial markets.

Brokers that Use the XTS API

Here is the list of brokers that are using the XTS API:

  • IIFL

  • Stoxkart

  • Jainam

  • SMC Global

  • SRE

  • 5paisa

  • JM Finance

  • Pure Broking

  • Wisdom Capital

  • Gill Broking

  • Aditya Trading

Integrating Brokers using  XTS API with Copy Trading

You can easily integrate brokers into Combiz copy trading software, which uses the XTS API. You can check the documentation for adding a broker with copy trading software. Click Here to Read More

Features of XTS API

Here are some features of the XTS API:

  • Real-Time Market Data: Access to live market information for informed decision-making.

  • Efficient Order Execution: Swift and accurate order placement for timely trading

  • Broker Integration: seamless connection with various brokerage platforms

  • Custom Algorithms: Support for personalized trading strategies

  • Automated Trading: Automation of trades based on predefined conditions

  • Risk Management: Implementation of stop-loss and take-profit orders

  • Secure Environment: Strong security measures for data protection

  • Real-Time Analytics: Performance metrics and historical data analysis for strategy optimization


XTS API has become a cornerstone in simplifying the intricate world of copy trading. This innovative approach empowers both novice and experienced investors to replicate the trading strategies of skilled traders across multiple accounts, democratizing access to the financial markets. Ultimately, the XTS API serves as a valuable tool for those seeking a simplified and efficient path to engage in copy trading and algorithmic trading, making the complex world of financial markets more accessible and rewarding.