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Copy Trading Definition

Copy Trading is a form of investment that involves copying the trades of other experience traders. Traders choose a prominent trading figure and study their trading moves so that they can copy them and, hopefully earn a good profit to diversify their portfolio.Copy and paste trading is a type of manual trading where traders simply replicate the trades of other traders by manually entering them into their own trading account.

Copy day traders are traders who specialize in day trading copy trading and have developed successful trading strategies, which are replicated by other traders using copy trading or trade copier tools. 

Copy trading is often done through a best social trading brokers and network, including copy trading master or a web-based database of information that inexperienced traders use to make trading decisions without doing research.

Need of Copy Trading Tools

Copy Trading requires a sophisticated trading setup. Copy Trading is one which helps to eliminate the human power to watch market all the time and can execute trade in your absence and you can also earn profit even when you are sleeping.

There are some of the important copy trading tools required to setup the copy trading environment. Copy trading tools allow interconnection between various trading software. You need to choose your strategy manager as copy trading master to pass trading signals to other copy trading account with the help of Live copy trading facility.

List of Copy Trading Tools

There are number of tools available for Copy Trading. Here is the list of some copy trading tools which is required to build copy trading system.
1. Master Account
2. Copy Trading account
3. Copy Trading APIs to handle multiple account

Copy trading benefits

1. Allows to invest with limited market knowledge
2. Save time by copy signals
3. Learn professional trading to operate
4. You can work as full-time signal provider
5. Customized trades according to your needs

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd is a copy trading service provider who provides various copy trading tools, Copy Trading API, and best copy trading platform. It is a popular copy trading service provider in India and provides copy trading NSE, BSE and MCX. You need to connect this copy trading software with both master and child account. copytrading combiz provides best service.

Features of Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading

• Users can copy the exact trade form the account of expert trades.
• Trades can be copied in multiple accounts.
• Your trades can get copied even when you are not available. This makes it suitable for part time traders as well.
• It works on various segments such as stocks, commodities, currency, foreign exchange etc.
• Users can trade reverse trade copier that allows traders to copy trades in the opposite direction of the original trade
• Your trades can copied power trade copier software that allows traders to copy other traders between multiple MT4/MT5 trading accounts.

Combiz Services Pvt Ltd Copy Trading Price

There are various plans available depending upon the number of account or license you are willing to operate. You can choose the plan as per your choice.






No. of License











1 Month

2 Months

4 Months

6 Months


Free API

Free API

Free API

Free API


Free Setup

Free Setup

Free Setup

Free Setup


Buy Now

Buy Now

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